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Internal traffic system

- Internal roads with asphalted and designed according to Vietnam Standard with loading capacity H30, the width 25m to 61m, including 4-6 lanes, meeting need of heavy capacity container transportation.
- All areas in the I.P are connected with internal traffic road system, ensuring for convenient internal transportation

Electricity Supply

Supplied from the national grid of 22 KV.
+ Regular-time hour: 1,405 VND/Kwh
(From Monday to Saturday: 4h – 9h30;
11h30–17h; 20h – 22h; Sunday: 4h – 22h).
+ Low-time hour: 902 VND/Kwh
(From Monday to Sunday: 22h – 4h).
+ Peak-time hour: 2,556 VND/Kwh
(From Monday to Saturday: 9h30 – 11h30;
17h – 20h; Sunday: no peak hour).

Water Supply

Total water capacity that can provide to investors as 120,000 m3/day, night. In there:
- Nhon Trach Underground Water Plant: 20,000m3/ day, night.
- Thien Tan Water Plant: 200,000m3/ day, night.
(Water price: 11,500 VND/m3)



Gas Supply

Gas pipeline of Phu My - Nhon Trach - Hiep Phuoc, Industrial Parks in Nhon Trach, low pressure gas distribution system was invested fully that meets the needs of investors.
Designed Output: 205.46 million Sm3 / year.
The project has operated and supplied gas to customers in early 2012.


With the communication services of VNPT, FPT, Viettel .. will meet the needs of customers in the industrial park.
- Data transfer rate:
+ ADSL: up to 8MB / s.
+ Optical Cables: maximum 90MB / s

Waste water treatment service



Waste water treatment Station with a total design capacity: 10,000m3/day night. (Phase 1)
Phase 2 is 4,000m3 / day night).
+ Standard of industrial park wastewater: QCVN 40: 2011 column B.
- Waste Water Treatment Fee: 0.32 USD / m3 (excluding VAT).
- Solid waste transfer station: Solid waste will be self-classified by enterprises, focusing on the industrial park transfer station, then transported to the functional units to handle according to environmental regulations.

Facility services 51 ha

Service centers are planned to invest and develop the service to meet the service requirements of the factories, labor workers and especially for foreign experts
- Services Trade Area
- Sports Area
- The medical care area
- Cultural Center
- Local housing for experts and workers