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Internal transportation system

The main traffic system: the width 25m, loading capacity H30 including 4-6 lanes used for connecting the 20 national way with the Tan Phu I.P.
The internal traffic system: 8 internal roads, the width 6-8m including 2 lanes.

Power supply

- Supplied from the national grid of 22 KV.
+ Regular-time hour: 1,405 VND/Kwh
(From Monday to Saturday: 4h – 9h30;
11h30–17h; 20h – 22h; Sunday: 4h – 22h).
+ Low-time hour: 902 VND/Kwh
(From Monday to Sunday: 22h – 4h).
+ Peak-time hour: 2,556 VND/Kwh
(From Monday to Saturday: 9h30 – 11h30;
17h – 20h; Sunday: no peak hour).

Water supply

- The water supply system in the IP has been built completely
- Water using fee: 11,500 VND/m3
(according to the water industry)


The telecommunication services of VNPT, Viettel.
Parameters of the internet line speed:
- ADSL: max 8 MB/s.

Service of waste water treatment

- Waste water treatment plant with the total capacity of 1,800m3/day&night.
+ Phase 1: 600m3/ day&night
+ Phase 2: 1,200m3/ day&night (be invested when needed)
- Waste water treatment fee: 0.32 USD/m3 (excluding VAT).

Procedure services


- Applying for investment license, tax code registration, authorized company chop…
- Import and export freight forwarding, transportation.