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System of inner traffic

Majority of internal routes in Bau Xeo industrial zone is designed with the size of roadway: 10.5 metters, maximum loading of 30 tons.

Especially, the route connecting Bau Xeo industrial park with 1A National highway, road-width of 25m, 17m roadway, sidewalk 2 x 4m. Road 4B, 7B, 9B, 11B with road-width of 68m, greenery, main roadways 2x9m, , seperating strip 2x3m on two sides, sub roadway 4m, median strips 3m, sidewalks 2x8m.


Road system of Bau Xeo Industrial Park mounted with neighboring projects and Trang Bom town.

Power supply

Be supplied from the substation with a capacity of 110 / 22KV (126MVA).

Water supply

Water supply to Bau Xeo Industrial Park with capacity of:

Phase 1 is 12,000m3 / day-night.
Phase 2: 8,000 m3 / day - night.
Be supplied from Thien Tan water factory with capacity of 100,000m3 / day-night.


water supply system ensures capacity and connecting directly to investors.



Connected to telecommunication system of Trang Bom district.

Waste water treatment system

Wastewater from factories in industrial park will be seclected to I.P,s concentrated wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 4,000m3/day in first phrase and then will be discharged into Thao river.