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Website of Tin Nghia Industrial Parks Management Board on customers information control | Tổng công ty Tín Nghĩa - Ban Quản lý Các khu công nghiệp Tín Nghĩa
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Website of Tin Nghia Industrial Parks Management Board on customers information control

• • Meanings:
Before the website was born, the land lease, factory leasing information management in the Tin Nghia I.P.s by the excel file. When the leaders requested to provide information of area leased, investment, ... at Tin Nghia I.P.s, the statistical work has to be done manually, takes a long time and not high precision. Sales staff when having jobs to go out to meet clients, the records can not be viewed for the information of land leasing, factory leasing of customers. On the other hand, the files stored in the hard copy easily got lost, deteriorated by time to time. From the problems in the statistical information lookup for land and factory leasing in excel files and records management by hard copy, Tin Nghia I.P. MB has designed and written website to the concentrated information management.
• Efficiency:
Leadership and staff at Tin Nghia I.P. MB can use website to look for info of land lease, factory leasing, office leasing statistics time by time, by business industry, by country, .... After just a few simple steps on the website that information is taken correctly, quickly and can be extracted by the file format under form of word, excel, pdf,… The data in the system is always up to date. Once the user has to go out, that person can still see enterprise profile information quickly, by seeking records by on the number of document, date and content of the summary, note. Account security features and functionality are also focused developed.
• The points that not achieved:
Due to time for website development in a relatively short time (only one month), Tin Nghia I.P. MB itself to design and website interface programming, database, sort the data, put the data into database and check everything therefore, interface can not eye-catching and errors can not be avoided that may occur during the actual run and lacks of some useful features as well, such as exporting monthly, quarterly reports that will arise during use process.

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